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Redstone Aviation Group (RAG) of Huntsville, AL, is a multi-faceted flight test aerospace company, serving discerning clients across the United States. RAG has many years of experience in integration, FAA-approved repairs and modifications, along with modeling and simulation. We are also highly skilled with a detailed background in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis, testing/simulation, engineering (mechanical and electrical), IATO/ATO, AED airworthiness, inter-agency cooperation for the integration process and testing phases, and operational testing.

Additionally, we have developed training for the EMARSS fleet and established vendor agreements for in-house repair capabilities. With our MMIS, RAG has developed metrics on parts usage, spares, obsolescence, hardware failures, and lead times for sensors required to sustain fleets and maintain operability rates.

We offer our clients and federal government partners exceptional services in the areas of aerospace and aircraft operations, sustainment, modification/integration, and program management. With our extensive network of vendors and teammates, there are virtually no limits to our capabilities. Use our problem-solving skills to ease your execution of efforts, whether you operate in the USA or Internationally. We offer competitive rates, a diverse workforce, and a fleet of aircraft.

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