About Redstone Aviation Group

Redstone Aviation Group was formed by former Lockheed Martin managers to fill a US Government need for small business capability in aviation programs and operations management and sustainment. RAG as the hub for numerous, like-minded, teammates, and vendors, and can provide a full range of aviation services at extremely competitive rates. We encourage you to learn more about Redstone Aviation Group and our one-of-a-kind potentialities.


Maintenance, repair, and overhaul are our strong points, and we have conducted over 33 overhauls on Mi-17s since 2012, a number which continues to grow. C130 modifications are done under Lockheed SOFGLS. We are capable of delivering desperately needed aircraft and cargo to austere locations under global logistics umbrellas.

Engineering Solutions

RAG has a long history with flight testing, airworthiness modifications, and prototype designs with an emphasis on providing accurate engineering solutions for our customer's problems. We are an outstanding training provider in the aviation community, from on-the-job A & P mechanic training to dedicated flight and ground training programs, and senior-level staff mentorship.

Helicoper Flying