Aviation Solutions

Redstone Aviation Group is an aviation solutions provider that offers a wide variety of tailored services for operators of fixed and rotary-wing aircraft around the world. Our broad spectrum of capabilities - from maintenance and engineering to training and flight operations - allows our technical team to design highly effective aviation support programs that are uniquely accommodating to your scope or budget.

With a global workforce in place and an international footprint, our talented teams can deploy at a moment's notice to support your governmental or commercial initiatives, especially in the most austere environments. We have vast aviation expertise, a highly diverse workforce, and competitive rates. Our extremely low overhead allows us to bid a wrap rate significantly lower than most, if not any, competitor.

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Aircraft Maintenance, Modification, and Operations

We fly, fix, modify, and manage special mission aircraft anywhere in the world. We back up our claims with a team of veterans that have supported the warfighter for the last three decades in the Middle East and Africa. Our services are primarily focused on special mission aircraft (SMA) and systems to meet Operation Warfighter's ISR needs for battlespace awareness and superiority. We have earned the trust of the Warfighter and have become the Warfighter's go-to company of choice for aviation support.

ISR and Logistics Support

The ISR and logistics support mission is vital to the Department of Defense (DoD) and the national strategy. RAG has the experience and capability to operate both within the Continental US (CONUS) as well as outside CONUS (OCONUS).

RAG offers a program of record depth of management detail with a small business quick reaction capability and agility to enable our customers to achieve and maintain battlespace awareness and superiority. RAG provides timely CONUS and OCONUS SMA Services, including technology insertion, system installation and integration, testing and certification, studies and analyses, contractor logistics support (CLS), maintenance, operations, training, and engineering support.

One of RAG's unique features is our Logistics Management Information System (LMIS) software program. LMIS is a multi-module, highly configurable software solution that allows the end-user to see consolidated data from federated systems in one easy to access place. LMIS features include a portal or dashboard that enables users to understand key performance metrics quickly.

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